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Anderle Gallery

Anderle Gallery 418 Orange Avenue

The Anderle Gallery features a broad spectrum of art, from decorative to museum quality, from primitive tribal societies to highly advanced civilizations. A leisurely browse will satiate the desires of serious collectors as well as students of anthropology and those who are merely curious about the art of other peoples. This fine collection of art and architecture features work from Africa, New Guinea, India, Indonesia and Thailand in addition to other cultures.


Sculpture Works


Sculpture Works, Inc 637 A Ortiz
Sculpture Works is the evolutionary result of Fred Saunders purchasing Scotts Sculptures in 1999. Over the last 20 years Fred and Lorie Saunders have produced unique pieces of functional and decorative art for clients on the Monterey Peninsula, and around the world.


Holly and Ashlee Temple

Holly and Ashlee Temple 542 Ortiz #5A
Holly and Ashlee work in mixed media and generate large and small works on canvas and paper, as well as smaller three-dimensional assemblages. Their work reflects their fascination with the effects of time and memory upon iconography- personal, spiritual and cultural. Each piece that is created is meant to engage the viewer in questions of the temporal nature of the image(s), personal memory and the hidden stories that are re-imagined through age.


Worcester Glassworks

Worcester Glassworks 753 Dias
The family that brought molten glass to Maui… has opened a studio in Sand City. With their artistry evolving over four decades, Bill and Sally Worcester have mastered the chemistry, color and mechanics of this rare art form. This self-taught duo, along with their son Mike, blow and shape glass using simple hand tools such as stainless blowpipes, wooden blocks, scissors and optic molds to create different patterns with colored glass.


Monterey Glassworks

Monterey Glassworks 801 B California
Monterey Glassworks is a startup glass manufacturing business building unique and high quality lighting and architectural glass for home and commercial installations. Monterey Glassworks maintain focus on sustainability, incorporating modern manufacturing methods using clean energy and recycled materials from local businesses. Their aim to use their business to not only make beautiful sustainable work, but work that makes a difference. MGW is modernizing what it means to be a hot shop. MGW diverts portions of their revenue to encourage sustainable commerce and participate in 1% for the Planet. MGW is also a space to foster creativity, provide learning and employment opportunities for local and international creators. 


The Wahine Project

The Wahine Project 398 Shasta Avenue
The Wahine Project was created in 2010 as an effort to reach young girls around the world who would otherwise not have access to the resources that would allow them to surf. Whether that lack of access is due to geographical, financial or other reason. The Wahine Project seeks to break down the barriers that prevent the participation of youth in ocean sports and provide them the opportunity to not only become proficient water humans but as a result of this relationship, increase their awareness to the vast possibilities of a future that will amplify their voice in climate change, environmental justice and give them a sense of social responsibility that the ocean uniquely provides.


Robin Winfield

Robin Winfield at Sweet Elena’s Bakery & Café 465 Olympia Avenue
Born in St. Louis, MO in 1956, Robin Winfield grew up surrounded by art and artists and was taught a deep appreciation of them by her parents Rodney and Betty Winfield. Before graduating from John Burroughs High School she spent half a year in Tokyo, Japan as an exchange student. Winfield then attended Smith College in Northampton, MA where she majored in Fine Art. In 1979, Winfield worked with her father on a large fabric commission. As a result she found a love of the tactile and continued with a 10 year exploration into wearable arts after moving to Wellfleet on Cape Cod. Having taken photographs since a teenager, Winfield finally found the direction she continues in today. In 1989 a photograph became a focal point on a canvas and her painting finished the story around it.


Abiam Alvarez

Abiam Alvarez at Sylvan Gallery 613 Ortiz Avenue #A
Abiam Alvarez grew up in Leon Guanajuato, Mexico for nine years before migrating to the United States in 1999 and settling in the small California town named Firebaugh, which is a farming community town surrounded by many fields of crop. Abiam Alvarez worked in agriculturally related jobs available in the summers as he grew up and attended school. His roots are closely tied to the central valley, where he grew up, and creates work that speaks of the labors and political issues surrounding agriculture, consumerism, and immigrant workers. Abiam went on to receive an MFA degree at San Jose State University and has been working with ceramics since 2005.



Youth Arts Collective


Youth Arts Collective at Disaster Kleenup Specialists 567 Ortiz Avenue
YAC is a nonprofit, after school art studio and mentorship program for high school and college artists - brilliant and struggling, confident and fringe, multi-ethnic, multi-tempered, and over 30% financially challenged. They learn art, job, and life skills, and gain a healthy dose of self-esteem and gratitude along the way. YACsters learn to believe in themselves, take creative risk, and give back. 100% graduate from high school. 95% of YACsters go on to university, college, and art college - many on scholarships. YAC is an incubator for some of our community’s future creatives, whether they end up in the field of arts, education, business, or science.


Trent Shearn at Stonelight Works

Trent Shearn at Stonelight Works 527 Redwood Avenue
They’re art pieces. They’re sculptures. They’re one of a kind. With a collection of single pendants, multi-tiered chandeliers and sconces, StoneLight Works is represented in art galleries and designer showrooms throughout California, the Southwest and Rocky Mountain Regions. The collection is all custom-made and Shearn embraces opportunities to design explicitly for clients looking for “an alternative to the prevalence of western motif lighting.” With optional colors and designs are available, Shearn’s specialty is chandeliers that provide lighting for large scale spaces. His chadaliers and scones have been designed and scaled for entry foyers, great rooms, dining rooms, pool tables and breakfast nooks. but They inspire and awe through the timelessness of his design. Once installed it’s difficult to tell if they are centuries old or contemporary.


Gregory Hawthorne


Gregory Hawthorne 440 Ortiz Avenue
Gregory Hawthorne is a painter, sculptor, furniture designer, businessman, Sand City Council member and one of the founders of the West End Celebration. Greg and his wife Susan purchased their Sand City properties in 2000 and have been instrumental in developing the art community that Sand City is today. He maintains a fabrication and welding facility on Elder Avenue where his son Taylor transforms his designs into three-dimensional sculpture. Daughter Shelby creates her exquisite glass art pieces on the second floor. The Hawthorne warehouse on Ortiz will be open to public viewing during the Celebration.

During his five decades as a professional artist, Greg has produced more than 6,000 pieces in a variety of media. Today, his work and that of several family members is on display at the Hawthorne Gallery in Big Sur, owned by Greg and Susan. A new book, Working Outside the Box, a look into the mind, art and life of Gregory Hawthorne, will be published in the autumn of 2021. More at hawthornegallery.com



Dan Kyle Photography at Kyle Racing 581 Redwood
Founded November 10, 1997 by Dan Kyle, a master mechanic, who has built a reputation for blazingly fast and utterly reliable engines that have won 5 AMA National Roadracing Championships. Dan was crew chief and engine builder for the highly successful Erion Racing and Two Brothers Racing teams. He has prepared engines for riders Rich Oliver, Fred Merkel, Larry Pegram, Michael Barnes, Andrew Stroud, John Kocinski, and other champions. Dan has twice been awarded the AMA Tuner Of The Year.


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